The Sun is Shining!

The Sun is shining and we have mild temperatures outside. Time to get up and go out for a walk in this beautiful weather. If you would like to listen to a book on Audio CD come by or download a few books on your electronic devices. Just stop in […]

ICE! Watch out for warmer days!!!!

ICE! ICE! ICE! Our library has been buried in ice for several days. With warmer days predicted we hope this “lake” of ice and water will melt away. There is a water leak somewhere east of the library. City is aware of this. We have thick to thin ice all […]

It’s Valentine Cookie Time!!

I know it seems early, but it is time to get your order in for our Friend’s of the Library Valentine Cookie Fundraiser. Last year they sold out, so make plans now to order early!! Last day to order is Monday, January 29th. Cookies will be ready for pick-up or […]

Holidays are coming!

As we have holidays approaching, it is time to take a moment to be thankful for the day, family, friends, and the world in general. Is the world perfect, certainly not. Is it the best we can do? Nope. But what our world is, is up to all of us. […]

Buggy Old Bugs!

Please excuse the mess on our page. We are working to correct this issue. If you need to contact us you may use our Facebook page at Cherryvale Public Library. We list all of our events there also. Our telephone number is 620.336.3460. We welcome all inquiries. Our hours remain […]

A Cookie Reminder!

The Friends cookie orders are still being taken. Last day to order will be Wednesday, February 1st. We appreciate all of your support. All cookies will be ready for pick on Friday, February 10th at Saint Francis Xavier Hall. Don’t miss out on these great cookies!! Call 620.336.3460 to order.

Blessings from great folks

If you have followed the library on Facebook, then you know about the online book sale for our library children’s area. A former patron set up a literacy for the library book sale with all of her proceeds going toward new books for our children’s collection. Participants could either purchase […]

It’s Here! Valentine Cookie Time!

Cherryvale Public Library Friends of the Library members will be baking up their famous sugar cookies again this year. Orders begin today, January 16th. Be sure to call the library with your cookie order before all of them are sold! Cookies are still priced at $8.00 per dozen. Call 620.336.3460 […]

Friday January 6th.

The funeral service for Zach Torkelson will be held at the Cherryvale First Methodist Church at 2:00 p.m.  We have been advised that school will dismiss at Noon on Friday so staff and students are able to attend Zach’s service.  The library will remain open with limited staff.  A family […]

No School Movie Day!

Today is your last day of Christmas vacation. Come join us at the library for a movie. We will be watching Viewers Choice today. Come on in and cast your vote for the movie you would like to see. See you soon!!!

Our New Year

As we approach this new year we are met with sad news. A young person in our community has ended their own life. Life is not fair, but to have someone this bright and loving taken from their family by a decision possibly made in a passionate moment is difficult […]

New Year Thoughts

As we bring this year to a close, it is our hope all will find peace and unity in the new year. As we individuals struggle with everyday worries so does our nation. Help us to bring hope and good service to all who enter our path forward. God bless […]

Busy Spring Days

As the weather begins to warm don’t forget we offer several activities here at the library. We have our Grown Up Busy Hands group who meet every Thursday at 1:00pm. We have our book club, Cherryvale Chapter Chat. They meet monthly to talk books. You don’t have to read that […]

Star Wars Movie Marathon December 18th & 19th

In celebration of the release of Star Wars VII, The Force Awakens, your library is holding a 2 day marathon of the earlier Star Wars movies. Beginning Friday, December 18th at 2:00 p.m. Star Wars IV: A New Hope (125 min), followed by Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back […]


If you are able to count to 400           If you are not over the age of 18 If you have a current library card Then check out a book or movie   Enter your guess as to how many jelly beans are in the bottle.  Winner wins all the jelly beans […]

Looking for fun? How about a “Blind Date”—with a book!

Cherryvale Public Library is celebrating National Library Week with a Blind Date Book Event during the month of April.  Staff has wrapped lots of books from all categories and have them waiting for that “perfect date”.   The book titles are hidden so only the picture on the front of the […]

Celebrate Kansas Day!

Come to the library on January 29th and help us celebrate Kansas Day with punch and fresh baked cookies. We will be hosting from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome!

Do you like cookies??

Check out our Facebook page and order a dozen delicious homemade cookies for just $6.00. Friends of the Library are baking cookies in February. Call the library to order your cookies today. Delivery or pick up is available. Call 620.336.3460 during library hours to order yours today!  Last day to […]

Dream Big – READ !! Summer Reading Program

Title: Dream Big – READ !! Summer Reading ProgramLocation: Cherryvale Public Library Community RoomDescription: This is the beginning day of the Library’s Summer Reading program. This class is for ages 5 years to 11 years old. Games, activities, reading and just plain fun will happen during each class. Children will […]

Book Sale

Title: Book SaleLocation: LibraryDescription: In preparation for the first-ever automating of the library, we’re having a HUGE book sale!Start Date: 2011-08-08End Date: 2011-08-12