Snow, Snow, Let It Go!

If you live in our area then you know about the snow, ice, and oh my, the rain. Maybe we were the ocean floor at one time, but certainly not now! No water falling of any kind dance will be done today! We will be glad to see and feel […]

The Tax Dance!!

There is only one week left before our community votes to EXTEND the current city Sales Tax. Sales Tax is the fairest way to help our city help us. Thousands of dollars are paid to our city in the form of sales taxes. This is a tax that you and […]

The Sun is Shining! Not!!

The Sun may be out, but it is cold and windy today. Just a typical Kansas day. Good time to grab that book you have been wanting to read and a cup of hot tea or cocoa. The Valentine cookie orders are in and next week our Friends of the […]

It’s Snowing Outside!

What a beautiful sight. Soft gentle flakes of snow and the reminder that we are in the middle of winter. Ok, now for the reality, go to the store now and get your milk, bread, cookies, soda, and meat before we become snowbound. Also, don’t forget to stop by your […]

Who let that cold wind in??

As we all brace for another few days of lovely Kansas weather, don’t forget we have lots of books and movies to help you through. If you don’t want to venture out the Friends have the book delivery service. You can call the library and find out more about this […]


It’s Friday and we have managed a week of really crazy weather. Shovel one day and need a boat the next, welcome to Kansas! As the weather predictions keep changing, we encourage everyone to check out your local library for a book or maybe a good movie. Remember to look […]

Welcome to 2019!

It is a brand new year and so much to look forward to. We, here at the Library, are so excited about the adventures and addition of hoopla! If you don’t recognize the name then you should stop by your library and check it out. This is a service offered […]