Between the Pages – January 12, 2023

It seems like forever since we last chatted. So many interesting things have happened at your library. With wonderful support we have added a very large wooden castle to the children’s area. The kids love it and spend lots of time playing on or under the castle. It was a […]

Between the Pages – January 22, 2021

The sun just peaked out from behind the dark clouds. A nice reminder of days past and days yet to come. With bad weather predicted it’s time to think of fun things to do while continuing to wear masks and social distance. My grandchildren like to play board games. We […]

Between the Pages – January 15, 2021

We are into the new year and what a year it is. We have been in shirt sleeves and parkas. This is Kansas! We hope you and your families are well and enjoyed the time together during the holidays. While our lives continue to be consumed with masks, hand sanitizer, […]

Between the Pages – December 23, 2020

As we being to celebrate the coming holidays please take time to remember those who are no longer with us or close enough to visit. These are extraordinary times and we have risen to the occasion for many months. We will be closed to the public at the library. We […]

Between the Pages – December 11, 2020

It’s been a while since we have posted, but sadly conditions have remained the same. COVID-19 has very much taken over our community. Our schools, churches, businesses, medical care facilities, and families in general have felt the hard punch of this terrible virus. Our family has lost two very special […]

Leaping Into A Brave New School Year!

It has been a while since we last wrote to you. Staff has been busy trying to assist our patrons with book and movie requests. All items coming into this library must be in quarantine for four days to ensure we are not passing on the COVID 19 virus with […]

Thoughts for a 4th of July

As we all begin to prepare for the coming 4th of July holiday we need to think about what our country has endured these past months. Isolation of families, students & teachers, those who planned to marry, those to whom we must say goodbye, and our own sense of security […]

Welcome to June! Here are a few answers to your questions…..

This isn’t exactly where anyone thought we would be for the month of June. Normally kids are out of school and starting our summer reading program. Not so this year. Due to the level of inexperience with COVID 19 most libraries, like us, are in uncharted waters. Our goal is […]

Do you miss us because we sure miss you!!

We continue to work on getting all the requirements for a limited service opening. It looks like we may be ready by June 15th, fingers crossed. Be aware that several things will be changing due to the phases of opening outlines. Depending upon several factors you will be asked to […]

Phases of the Library Opening Information

Much as the rest of you, the staff is so very ready to get back to normal, however that may look. Please understand we have safety precautions to implement as do many other businesses. With the stay at home order lifted, we still must follow the social distancing requirements. What […]

COVID-19 Your Library Update 4/21/2020

Are your four walls beginning to close in on you? Well, we feel it too. Staff has been working on disinfecting the library and materials being returned in preparation for reopening.With that said, it will still be a while before any public library will be open as before. Once the […]

April 13th Red Cross Blood Donation Information

Please Notice!! The American Red Cross WILL be at the Cherryvale Public Library on Monday, April 13th as scheduled. If you have an appointment set to donate, then please enter through the back (South) door at your scheduled appointment time. Every effort is being made by the Red Cross and […]

Your Library Update

As you all know the coronavirus has changed our way of life. In order to comply with the Governor’s directive, we will remain closed to the public until further notice. On Tuesday & Thursdays you will be able to return your library materials to this library from the hours of […]

Cherryvale Library Will Be Closing

It is with a very heavy heart that we must close the library to the public due to the current issues with the Coronavirus. Our local schools are closed, most of the libraries have closed, and the service that brings books to us has stopped service. This is a very […]

Update on Library Hours

So many of the state and area libraries have announced closings until the end of March. Cherryvale Public Library will be open Noon to 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday, but will be closed on Saturdays until further notice. Our goal is to be of assistance to area residents. This is […]

The Coronavirus and Cherryvale Public Library

The Coronavirus has entered all of our lives without want or invitation. While others are out purchasing mass quantities of toilet paper and hand sanitizer we are diligently cleaning your library and materials. At this time, we have no plans to close. Should the recommendation be made then our Board […]

Lions and Lambs, Oh My!

In Kansas you are never quite certain how the weather for the day will take shape. March crept in like a lamb, so I hope that won’t mean it will roar out like a lion. Our community has been tortured enough these past weeks with great loss of personal property […]

And so it goes!

It has been a beautiful weekend. The Chiefs won and the days were warm with a gentle breeze. So much for that! As of 6:00 am Tuesday morning we will be under a winter weather advisory. Good old Kansas, if you don’t like the weather just wait 10 minutes and […]

Super Bowl Weekend

For those who follow this American tradition we salute you. Those of us who are bookworms shall recline in quiet reflection while we attempt to figure out the impossible: will she or won’t she; did he really do it; and a favorite will they stay in love forever. The magic […]

Thank Goodness It’s Thursday!

The week has been moving right along for us at the library. We received a delivery of new items along with two large donations of very nice books. So, on the not so busy days staff will be looking through the donations to determine their fate. Looks like we received […]