April 13th Red Cross Blood Donation Information

Please Notice!!

The American Red Cross WILL be at the Cherryvale Public Library on Monday, April 13th as scheduled. If you have an appointment set to donate, then please enter through the back (South) door at your scheduled appointment time. Every effort is being made by the Red Cross and the Library to ensure all donors are well protected and that social distancing requirements are being adhered to.
Be aware that you may be asked to wait outside the door until a donor has exited the building. This is necessary to protect everyone. The Library will have chairs available so no one will have to stand. Please make sure you dress for cooler temperatures since sharing blankets is not allowed for health reasons. There will be a sheltered area available or donors may wait in their vehicles if necessary.
Both the Red Cross and the Library thank you for your understanding and are very glad this donation date did not have to be cancelled. Now is a very important time to donate.