COVID-19 Your Library Update 4/21/2020

Are your four walls beginning to close in on you? Well, we feel it too. Staff has been working on disinfecting the library and materials being returned in preparation for reopening.
With that said, it will still be a while before any public library will be open as before. Once the stay at home order is lifted, there will remain the social distancing issues. We have been informed that we must limit the number of people in the building per square footage. Since we are a one room library, well, it won’t be fun but we will survive.
We will begin once we have the approval with a “Soft Open”. That means we start with curb service. We can all abide with that. The next phase will depend upon the leveling out of the COVID 19 and the development of a vaccine. Much as our county has to take baby steps we also have the same path to restoring services.
We still have the online resources you have been using. Many groups are reading books to children, some daily. The WiFi is still up and running for homework, tax filings, Census 2020, and bill paying if you do not have internet.
We would love to stand at the door and welcome all back to the library, but for the health of everyone we must abide with the rules of safety. We thank everyone for being so understanding. We continue to work in the library on Tuesday & Thursday’s from noon to 5:00pm. The return tote will be outside. If you need books to read please call us and we will help you curbside. If you use your library account you are welcome to use the site to check our shelves for books and movies. At this time no inter-library loans are available. Just call us and give us the titles. We will check items out to you and meet you at the curb. Until then, we just keep working, staying socially distant, and look forward to the day you come back to see us. Until next time………