Welcome to June! Here are a few answers to your questions…..

This isn’t exactly where anyone thought we would be for the month of June. Normally kids are out of school and starting our summer reading program. Not so this year. Due to the level of inexperience with COVID 19 most libraries, like us, are in uncharted waters.

Our goal is to keep our community safe and our staff and families safe. We will continue to use gloves and masks for a while longer. Also, the library must follow the social distancing practice. Since both of our staff come from high risk families it is imperative that we protect you all as well as our home family.

1) yes we are planning on opening up in June with limited services; 2) if you need to use a computer, FAX, or printer for essential purposes we are offering appointments at this time; 3) our ability to borrow from other libraries won’t begin for at least another week or more; 4) yes, we are requesting that all library materials in your care be returned immediately for treatment and return to service; 5) if you have items from another library you are welcome to leave them with us and we will return them to the rightful library for you; 6) full return to interlibrary loans will begin slowly due to other libraries not opening up with full services; 7) yes, you may continue to use the free online reading resources we and other libraries offer; 8) will the library be different? yes, we have sneeze guards in place, seating will be very limited, our hours open will be limited, there will be marks on locations in the building for mark social distances; 9) we will have a 30 minute time limit at first to make sure everyone who has been so patient has a chance to check out materials; 10) know that we do appreciate your kind understanding as we hope you appreciate what it has cost your library to be closed for nearly 3 months.

Call the library from Noon to 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday to set appointments so we might help you meet your obligations and needs. Until we are again face to sneeze guard please be safe!!!!!