Thoughts for a 4th of July

As we all begin to prepare for the coming 4th of July holiday we need to think about what our country has endured these past months.
Isolation of families, students & teachers, those who planned to marry, those to whom we must say goodbye, and our own sense of security in theses uncertain times. Masks and social distancing continue for now.
As staff in your library, we have worked hard to make this library a safe place to come into. Yes, we have rules, but only because those we love at home are in the high risk category.
As the number of cases increase we will continue to serve the community on a limited basis. We will continue to be open to the public Monday-Friday, Noon to 5:oo p.m. Computer use will be for essential tasks only. Sorry to say we are not able to allow the kids to play games at this time. We continue to FAX and print documents for folks. We have access to limited services from other libraries. The interlibrary services are limited to those libraries that are currently open. We will do our best to locate the books and movies you are wanting. We continue to call and check on our most vulnerable patrons and still offer curbside service as requested.
As you go about your holiday plans please remember what this celebration is really about. Our freedom and the unity of a country bound together by love of God, family, and laws to keep us safe from harm. God bless this wonderful country and those men and women who sacrifice to keep us safe.
Until next time………. Happy 4th of July!