Between the Pages – January 22, 2021

The sun just peaked out from behind the dark clouds. A nice reminder of days past and days yet to come. With bad weather predicted it’s time to think of fun things to do while continuing to wear masks and social distance.

My grandchildren like to play board games. We also bake cookies and, of course, watch silly movies. All these things may be enjoyed at very little cost. The kids most enjoy talking at the table during meals. We unplug, disconnect, and just visit. Sometimes the children like to help prepare the meal so we talk about that experience too.

With our world being turned upside down and children not understanding events, we feel it is important to make certain they are comfortable and ask questions without fear of upsetting adults. All kids are feeling the impact either at home, school, or when shopping with family adults. Kids need to feel safe. Reading, talking and just sitting together will make a large difference to their formative years.

A library, is, was, and shall ever be one of the most important resources for families and communities. Books, movies, sometimes games, and how to do books are available for borrowing. My granddaughter borrowed a children’s cookbook and learned about how to purchase, prepare, cook, and serve dishes for all the meals of the day. It was fun to watch her as she learned how vegetables grow and are harvested. It was pure enjoyment for her and cost nothing to borrow from the library.

As this day comes to a quiet close consider taking your family to a local library. As staff about the options for borrowing and as a family choose a fun activity for the weekend. With the cases of COVID-19 on the rise, please call your library to make certain they are open or have curbside service available. Best wishes for a happy weekend and we shall meet again, between the pages………….